The Psychology of Color

Why is it that some spaces induce a sense of calm, happiness and inspiration while others create distraction and discomfort? Surface color in your home has tremendous impact. Simply changing the colors we use in our space can have a lasting effect on our moods and thus our health.

Keep these color attributes in mind when selecting paint, furniture and accessories.

Blue: trust, power, confidence, loyalty, success, security and purpose

Purple: mystery, fantasy, imagination, royalty, spirituality, justice and art

Pink: femininity, creativity, respect, softness, gratitude, intuition and calm

Red: action, passion, energy, excitement, strength, adventure and love

Orange: optimism, enthusiasm, freedom, original, emotion, pleasure and youth

Yellow: joy, warmth, positivity, happiness, clarity, curiosity and fun

Green: nature, luck, harmony, loyalty, safety, prosperity and health

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