form follows function that has been misunder- stood. form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.

— frank lloyd wright


interior design in bend, oregon

At Martha Murray Design, we believe that people are more content when they live in beautiful spaces that support their lifestyles. It’s that simple. Whether your focus is entertaining, collecting fine art, recreating in central Oregon, or spending time with family, your custom interior can be functional and attractive, bringing you years of relaxation, pride and comfort.

You can have the perfect balance between form and function in your living or work space. Our goal is to help you achieve it.

new construction

Good planning produces beautiful spaces. Martha Murray Design helps you wisely plan the space to accommodate furniture, art, lighting, and appliances. We find the perfect finishes, textures, and colors to complement your active life. We keep one eye on your functional needs and the other on your taste, so we can create an interior that fits your life.


However you choose to update your space—moving interior walls, adding square footage, or both—there are myriad decisions to make when you’re remodeling. Martha Murray Design is your guide through the remodeling process. Should changes or obstacles arise, we help you make informed decisions that will keep your wants and needs at the forefront of the project.

Home Décor

At Martha Murray Design, we never underestimate the power of simple, clean design to smooth the contours of a busy life. We want to understand how you most enjoy using your space. Do you love to cook or is take-out your style? Do you have children or animals? Is watching a movie at home your idea of the perfect evening, or are you energized by a house full of people? Keeping one eye on your functional needs and the other on your style, we tailor your home décor to fit your life.